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I have some older relatives that love to work in their garden. Not just flower gardens but they also do some serious vegetable gardening.

Every time I visit them I come home with a car full of fresh flowers and, what I like even more, a load of fresh vegetables.

I have compared them to the ones you buy at your local grocery store but to be honest there is no comparison! Maybe veggies from the farmers market come close.

However, most of my relatives are in organic gardening and use no chemical fertilizers at all. That makes it even better in my opinion.

Back problems

I noticed that some of them used a garden seat when they work in their garden. At first, I thought it was just convenient but then I realized that my uncle had severe back problems and even had back surgery last year.

I asked him if that was the reason he uses a rolling garden seat and he answered yes that was the main reason.

My trial

I am in fairly good shape but sometimes while pulling weeds on my knees it is not the most comfortable thing to do on your knees.

So I wondered why I did not use one of these things that they also call garden stool. Thus the last time I visit my uncle I asked him if I could try it.

Since that also meant that he did not have to pull weeds but I would do it for him it was obvious that he agreed on that. I would do too.

My experience

I started on an easy part of his vegetable garden to see how it would work for me.

Almost immediately I realized that this method beat crawling around on your knees in the garden to pull weeds.

Since I started on an easy patch of his garden that was fairly flat it was time to move it around to a harder to do plot.

Although this was of course a little harder to do it was still easy enough to convince me that I needed a rolling garden seat.

After helping my uncle for about an hour I realized that my back was doing fine. Normally, even at my age, it was a little hard on my back and knees to pull weeds for an hour. Yes, I hate to admit that.

Next step

Now it was time to do some serious research on what type or model gardening seat I needed. I found a lot of information on here that I used.

I always spent a lot of time reading and researching anything before I make a purchase this was not hard to do and I actually enjoy doing that type of digging around to find the best deals.

Best time to buy a gardening seat

Everybody knows that some products are better priced at a certain time of the year. For these garden seats that is not really the case.

Although you might find an occasional sale I did not find any best time of the year for them.

I have not decided yet on the exact model but I have narrowed it down to a few.

One has large wheels and that would work better in my yard. The reason is that part of my yard is going down to a small stream.

The second thing I am thinking about is buying one with a small storage compartment so I can put my gardening tools in it.

I will soon make a final decision and will let you know here what model I choose.

Lauren Thomas

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