You might not know because I have not written here that much yet but I love to cook outdoors on the grill. I know that many men think a woman should stay away from the grill but I don’t care.

Not just meat but also vegetables and sometimes I cook my whole meat outdoors. Especially in the summer when it is hot and by cooking outside I keep the heat out of my house and my electric bill low.

I know that many men think a woman should stay away from the grill but I don’t care.

meat and vegetables on a grill

Smoking meat

There are things you can not do on a grill and one of them is that it is hard to keep the temperature low.

I love to cook so-called low and slow and let my meat cook for many hours for recipes like pulled pork and I even like my ribs that way.

Pellet smoker

Smoking meat can be done one a smoker that is fueled by charcoal or electricity. But there is another option and that is a pellet grill.

In my research on brands and specifications and finding one that would fit within my budget, I stumbled upon Z- grills. I liked the price and found a great review here

The advantage of a pellet smoker is that you can just fill it up and after turning it on it will keep it running for basically as many hours as you need.

As long as there are pellets it will keep going at the right temperature.

How do they work?

I gave it a little away above but there is a lot more to tell about pellet grills and how they work.

Pellet grills are actually very simple and the working is not complicated. Here is a short description of the working and the parts.

There is a hopper that holds all the pellets. Some brands can hold up to 40 pounds and with about 2 pounds per hour on low, you can get at least 10 hours out of that bag

The auger feeds the pellets from the hopper to the firepot. The fire pot is where the magic happens and where the smoker gets its temperature and smoke from.

When you turn on the pellet grill the fire pot starts to ignite the pellets with a heating spiral. After they are burning the heating coil will turn itself off. There is no need anymore. The pellets and the feeding of the pellet with the auger keeps it going.

Steady temperature

The speed of feeding the pellets in the fire pot will determine the temperature.

The heart of the pellet grill is the controller. The electronic will measure the temperature and regulate the speed of the auger.

Some pellet grills are simpler than others when it comes to the electronic regulating the temperature. After using my Z- grill for a while I might write more about that.

Temperature of the coking chamber and the temperature of the meat are the most important things to monitor.

The Z-grills check and regulate the cooking temperature and I use my wireless probe thermometer to keep an eye on the internal temperature of the meat.

I might upgrade to a controller that comes with multiple options after a while. The one option I like is that it also measures the temperature in the meat.

I will keep writing here about my experience with the Z grills pellet grill. Just keep coming back to read more.

Lauren Thomas

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