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So you decided to be part of the future of the food industry and start using home food delivery services? – congratulations! But how do you approach home deliveries to get the best results?

What is really important to customers? We’ll give you an overview of what home ordering customers value the most to ensure you deliver the experience they are looking for.

Make it easy and fast

The food delivery industry grew out of a love of convenience. This means that every aspect of your home delivery operations should make things as easy and as fast as possible for your customers.

It starts with clear, easy-to-read menus that let people take a look at what they can order.

You may be tempted to get very creative with your titles or include complicated descriptions, but it’s best to keep them clear and simple so that people can quickly know what you are offering.

For example, if you are a sushi restaurant that also makes poke bowls, you can create a separate online poke shop to help poke lovers find you more easily.

What they see is what you dispatch

Different laws of nature apply to food delivered to your home that does not apply to food served in a restaurant, and sometimes some of the most delicious restaurant offerings don’t travel well.

You should also take into account the type of container you use: French fries soften when you put them in a cardboard box, and very large containers can cause food to lose its shape and look smaller. For customers, it’s about getting value for money. And that means: who they see is what they will get.

Custom orders = happy customers

Let’s face it: today’s customers want the best of both worlds. Oh yeah, and they want it gluten-free and with extra sprinkles. Going hand in hand with speed and convenience is the trend towards personalization of meals.

The more options you can offer your customers to adapt their order based on their diet restrictions and concerns, the better. Today’s food apps allow you to make custom meals – for example, you can build your own hamburger, pasta dish, or poke bowl. Or you can substitute ingredients for other options: quinoa instead of white rice on your plate? No problem!

You can also offer lots of additional toppings or toppings, from extra mayo to tempura flakes. Food ordering technologies are getting smarter and more sophisticated at tracking individual food preferences.

Where can you find more information? There are so many websites on the internet that offer advice on where to look for food delivery services. I have looked at several and found the very informative and offered great advice on where to order food safely.

Timing is everything

Many restaurants do not put enough emphasis on making sure they can compete on time. When creating the menu, be sure to include dishes that you can make in batches to avoid bottlenecks.

Working with various home delivery platforms allows you to compare how your business performs on each platform.

The harsh reality is that any option we make when it comes to eating these days has potential negative risks on other people: cashiers, replenishers, delivery men, cooks … And, regardless of the economic aspects, not always the solution apparently more safe or ethical is both.

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