Kitchen utensils or a rack

I was cooking the other day as I usually do but I was not so motivated as I am on most days. I looked around in my kitchen and decided that it was time to do something about how my kitchen looked.

It was years ago that I even painted the walls and not that the paint was bad but the walls are a little boring.

Where to get started?

As I always do is thinking where to get started with any plan I have. I just realized that in most cases I end up in the same place. The internet.

I did not have time that day but a few days later I fired up my laptop and started looking for kitchen decoration and how to make a kitchen more personal.

After surfing around for about thirty minutes I stumbled upon and found some great ideas to use kitchen signs to make my kitchen more lively.

I got so many ideas that I had to slow myself down and not order about anything I had found on the website they advised to buy kitchen signs.

My first choice

I realized that my kitchen did not even had a clock on the wall. The reason is probably that I most of the time use kitchen timers and they have a clock built in.

After receiving this clock and hanging it on the wall I was pretty happy with the result. But I needed more than that and started looking for more kitchen decoration and most of all things to hang on the walls.

My name on the wall

I have not received my personal sign yet but this is the one I ordered. Of course, the name will be removed and replaced with my name Lauren.

I thought this was one of the best things to personalize my kitchen. After all nothing is more personal than my name on the wall in my kitchen.

More to come

I have not decided on all the things I would like to buy to spruce up my kitchen and make it more personal. It was looking more like a commercial kitchen and took the joy out of my cooking lately.

I will also invest in some knifes with my name on it or maybe even a personalize cutting board. I have seen so many option that I have to slow myself down now and not go overboard with this project.

I have also seen personalized kitchen towels that you can have made with either your name or the name of your kitchen on it.

That is just one of the many ideas that are popping up in my mind now. But I have to make sure that I stay within my budget and not take part of my food budget and spend it on things that do not make me a better cook and preparer good food in my kitchen. That is after all the most important thing.

If you have ever updated your kitchen and made it more personal let me know in the comments or send me a picture that I can place here and maybe give other home cooks ideas on how to use kitchen signs as a way to personalize a kitchen.

Lauren Thomas

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