high quality oven with multiple functions and burners.

The first question to ask yourself is this. How much will I use the oven? What do I use it for? It is not the same to use the oven to make a roast from time to time than to use it practically every day to make roasts, pizzas, cakes, pieces of bread…

I can do a lot of the things I cook in my pellet smoker, but having a nice oven in the kitchen even offers more options.

In mid-range ovens, there are a lot of good options to choose from. The basic requirements that an oven must have are:

Adding a new oven to your kitchen can offer a lot of new cooking options and also might make your kitchen look nicer.


  • 1. Heat up and down: it is essential to baking anything.
  • 2. Hot air: the air function comes in handy for roasts that would otherwise take many hours to have ready, such as roast suckling pig.
  • 3. Quick heating: it is a very useful function to preheat the oven in a short time. It is not essential, but it makes your job easier.
  • 4. Grill: perfect for gratin food.
  • Temperature: practically all ovens have temperatures between 50 degrees (minimum temperature) and 250 degrees (maximum temperature). In our case, we wanted a somewhat higher range, and our oven starts heating at 30 degrees and reaches 270 degrees.
  • Energy consumption: it is important to look at the consumption that your oven will have. Almost all mid-range models are A-rated. There are also A -10% and A -20% rated models.


Is it really interesting that the oven includes a cleaning system? Well, it depends on how much you will use your oven and if it is worth investing a little more money in an oven with a cleaning system.

Therefore, it will be something to consider depending on what you are going to use in your oven. At home, where the oven is put on practically every day, we did want it to have.

Here is a video I found that makes it look very easy to clean an oven.

Door opening

Regarding the oven opening system, you will find the ovens with a removable trolley and those with a conventional door; the latter group is those with a downward opening (folding) or lateral opening.

The trolley is comfortable because you can insert the food very easily. Still, for our taste, it has a but: when you open it you expose the food to the cold, that is, if you are making a cake and want to check if it is cooked, you will open the oven and your cake will It will give the cold air, with which you will expose yourself to that if it lacks some cooking it will be lowered.

As for those with a conventional opening, you can opt for the traditional opening, which opens downwards or those with a side opening. That is a matter of taste.

Removable guides

The removable or telescopic guides are steel bars that make it easier to insert and remove the oven’s trays or racks. It makes work easier, prevents burns and is something to consider when buying an oven.

In our case, we were clear that we did want it to have them. So the oven we chose has two telescopic guides that can be placed on any rail and makes the work much easier.

Cold door, what is it for?

The cold door is also an option to consider, especially when there are children at home. Even if they are in operation, these ovens keep the door cold, so when you touch it, you do not burn yourself.

A steam oven?

Here you find yourself before a new universe. There are two options: steam ovens and conventional (multifunction) ovens that combine traditional cooking with the steam function.

We value this option mainly because we make bread at home and we think it could be a good way to get better bread. We had also read that it was interesting to make juicier roasts and even low-temperature stews.

In the end, after much hesitation, we decided not to choose this option since we thought we were not going to take advantage of it.

Lauren Thomas

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