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There are numerous benefits to owning an electric generator in your home. If your area suffers a natural disaster in which the energy service is interrupted, your daily life will not be affected.

A stationary generator can start powering your home within 30 seconds. This means that you can use the computer, televisions, lights, refrigerator and other electrical appliances.

Even more so with a stationary home generator, you don’t even have to switch to a switch, because the generator is capable of handling all operations automatically. Once steady power is restored, your home generator will automatically shut down.

Now, if your family is always on the go, a portable generator may be your best option. A portable generator is capable of going anywhere.

Follow the proper instructions when having your generator installed, and you or your family will never be without power again. When the electricity in your house fails (be it due to lightning, blackout or some other reason), this is when you can realize how dependent our daily lives are on electrical energy.

Causing great inconvenience and being the worst when it comes to danger and expensive, power failures can happen to almost anyone and can be difficult to predict.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to prepare in case such an event happens to you. Emergency backup generators are designed to prevent problems associated with a power outage.

If you live on a larger property you can also use it to power up an area where you can have a party of dinner as I do with my pellet smoker.

Tips For Using Your Generator

To use your generator, it is convenient to respect some basic rules:

  • First of all, always read and follow the manufacturer’s advice
  • When refueling, please always do it with the engine off
  • Choose a safe place to store and handle fuel
  • It is very important that the generator works insufficiently ventilated areas to avoid the concentration of carbon monoxide.
  • Do not touch the group while it is in operation; you may suffer a burn.
  • Ground the generator whenever possible.

Diesel Or Gasoline Generator?

When asking yourself this question, you have to think exactly the same as if it were done with a car since if the use that you are going to give the generator is going to be long and continuous, you should buy a diesel one, but if the use is going to be for short periods (one day, four hours, two days …), it will be better to choose gasoline, since diesel will not make it profitable.

Diesel generators have a lower consumption, and the life of the engine is much longer, although their noise level is much higher and the price of the equipment and its repairs are higher. This type of generator is recommended for long periods of use and for use on boats.

Many customers also choose these generators, because they have diesel fuel tanks or have diesel heating, in these cases it is advisable to use this type of generator since refueling is much more convenient.

Gasoline generators offer a lower noise level than diesel generators as well as being lighter and at a lower price. Repairs on these types of generators are less expensive.

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